Gautam Buddha International Stadium gaining its Shape

The much anticipated multi-purpose Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium is finally getting its shape. The construction of the dream project is being done in Rampur, Chitwan. Around 313 workers under the supervision of legendary comedy artist Sitaram Kattel (Dhurmus), are working day/night for this dream project.

With the estimate cost of 3 arab Nepali rupees, the Dhurmus-Suntali foundation took the initiation of the project and with the help of donations from various organizations, individuals and other foundations, the project is gaining its pace. After the completion of the construction, the Bharatpur Municipality, ward no. 16 will be a touristic area in terms of sports. The project will cover almost every possible venue for top sports.

On the left hand side from the entrance gate, a sample ground had been made which is also a practice ground. The ground is already ready to play cricket. Make-shift pitch has been made. However, there are no any grass. The sample ground is ready to host the charity matches from where some amounts can be collected for the construction of the main project. The foundation has allocated a amount of Nrs. 15,000 for a match.

On the right side of the entrance gate, there is a storage room, canteen, temporary police bit, a medical and other necessary rooms. The workers are fed inside the canteen. Similarly, people visiting the construction site can also have food in that canteen. All the profits will be used for the project. Similarly, the construction site is under security for 24 hours.

Along with the sample ground, there will be the main ground on the south. The outer line of the ground is being made and pitch construction are being done. There will be 77 pillars and the foundation to that pillars have been made. There will be 7 pitch on the main ground and the work for it is being done in full pace. Around one and half meter have been dug up and soiling work is in progress. After the soiling, gravel will be filled upon it and finally the pitch will be made from the dark mug from Jamune, Tanahun. Pitch will be made under the supervision of Nepal’s senior curator Komal Pandey. Similarly, few foreign specialists will be there for the final construction of the pitch.

On the west of the main ground, there will be a football ground and there will be a multi-purpose covered hall on the east side. The grass necessary for the ground are already ready, according to Kattel. All the workers involved in the construction are Nepali.

According to Sitaram Kattel, approximately about 2-3 hundreds people come to visit the stadium from all 77 districts. Few of them provide monetary help. Therefore, most of his time are spent in interaction with those visitors, explaining them about the project.

Photo: Kantipur

Kattel expresses his happiness, ” Everyone wishes for the success of the project. Few of them give monetary help. We had dare to construct the stadium with the of all the Nepal and we are getting the much needed support for the public. We get strength for this.”

There is a view tower in the east side from where, all the construction site can be witnessed.A person need to pay Nrs. 20 to go to the tower and watch all the site. There is a small shop just below the tower, where seasonal fruits are being sold. Daily around 3-4 thousands profit is being made. The net profit from it goes to the construction work.

According to Kattel ,there are 4-5 people who are working for free. Similarly, many groups of people visit the construction site and work for free for a day. Sitaram Kattel believes that 3 arab is not a big amount if all the Nepali people around the world provide their possible support for the stadium. He also added, ” There will be 77  chambers representing all the 77 districts of Nepal. There will be a Lotus, which will be made of 77 leaves.” He also urges that all the districts to take the responsibilities of making their own chamber.

Kattel Added, ” I want to urge the people to donate whatever they are capable of, be it food, construction tools or other things. Let’s make this project successful together.”

The stadium will have the capacity of 25,000 spectators. Along with the main cricket stadium, the project will have a pair of Cricket training ground, a football ground, multi-purpose covered hall, swimming pool, badminton, tennis court will be there.

Photo: Kantipur

It was expected to make the Detailed Project Report (DPR) within 6 months and finish the project two years after it. However, a year has been passed. The DPR was made public in Asoj and the work was started from Mangshir. Nevertheless, the storage room, canteen, temporary police bit was constructed before it and the necessary grass grown as well.

Sitaram Kattel expressed his major concern about the donations announced. The announcement had been made by various organizations, However, the late is handing over the donations are creating problems in the project. Similarly, he didn’t wish to share the donation collected or the amount spent in the project. He added, ” I have started it now. The stadium will be made. I don’t know my price but I will complete this project even I need to trade myself.”

From his statement, we can clearly understand that there is still economic crisis but Sitaram Kattel is bearing the burden all along. We must be foundation to his work. Let’s be a part of the Pride project of our Country. You can donate as much as or as less as you can form Esewa or Paypal. You will also get a online generated certificate for the donation.

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