Serie A 19/20: How to watch Serie A Live Streaming Online, Remaining Fixtures List

  • How to watch Serie A Live Streaming Online ?
  • Serie A Live Broadcasting TV Channels.
  • Serie A Remaining Fixtures.

The Italian top tier Serie A is resuming after around 3 months of suspension. With 12 rounds matches left to play, all the matches will be played behind the closed doors.

Therefore, the fans now, have to depend on the live streaming of the matches. Luckily, all the matches in Serie A will be aired live throughout the world.

How to watch Serie A Live Streaming Online ?

List of TV Channels, broadcasting the Serie A matches are:

Region TV Channels
Italy Sky Italia, DAZN Italia
Canada RLN, RAI Italia
UK Premier Media
Brazil DAZN Brazil, Rai Italia
France beIN Sport France
Australia beIN Sports Australia
Netherlands Ziggo Sport
Portugal Sport TV Portugal
Nigeria Supersport
South Africa Supersport
Spain Movistar

How to watch Serie A Live Streaming Online in different websites ?

For the online Streaming, you can watch Serie A live from the following links:

beIN Sport Connect



How to watch Serie A Live Streaming Online

According to the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), Serie A matches will be played daily with a team playing twice in a week. The Federation has planned to finish the league on August 2.

Remaining Fixtures

June 20
Torino vs Parma
Verona vs Cagliari

June 21
Atalanta vs Sassuolo
Inter Milan vs Sampdoria

June 22
Lecce vs Milan
Fiorentina vs Brescia
Bologna vs Juventus

June 23
SPAL vs Cagliari
Verona vs Napoli
Torino vs Udinese
Genoa vs Parma

June 24
Atalanta vs Lazio
Inter Milan vs Sassuolo
Roma vs Sampdoria

June 26
Juventus vs Lecce

June 27
Brescia vs Genoa
Cagliari vs Torino
Lazio vs Fiorentina

June 28
Milan vs Roma
Napoli vs SPAL
Sampdoria vs Bologna
Udinese vs Atalanta
Sassuolo vs Verona
Parma vs Inter Milan

June 30
Torino vs Lazio
Genoa vs Juventus

July 1
Bologna vs Cagliari
Inter Milan vs Brescia
Lecce vs Sampdoria
Fiorentina vs Sassuolo
SPAL vs Milan
Verona vs Parma

July 2
Juventus vs Torino
Sassuolo vs Lecce
Lazio vs Milan

July 5
Inter Milan vs Bologna
Sampdoria vs SPAL
Cagliari vs Atalanta
Brescia vs Verona
Udinese vs Genoa
Parma vs Fiorentina
Napoli vs Roma

July 7
Lecce vs Lazio
AC Milan vs Juventus

How to watch Serie A Live Streaming Online

July 8
Genoa vs Napoli
Fiorentina vs Cagliari
Atalanta vs Sampdoria
Bologna vs Sassuolo
Torino vs Brescia
Roma vs Parma

July 9
SPAL vs Udinese
Verona vs Inter Milan

July 11
Lazio vs Sassuolo
Brescia vs Roma
Juventus vs Atalanta

July 12
Genoa vs SPAL
Parma vs Bologna
Fiorentina vs Verona
Cagliari vs Lecce
Udinese vs Sampdoria
Napoli vs Milan

July 13
Inter Milan vs Torino

July 14
Atalanta vs Brescia

July 15
Sampdoria vs Cagliari
Bologna vs Napoli
Milan vs Parma
Lecce vs Fiorentina
Sassuolo vs Juventus
Roma vs Verona
Udinese vs Lazio

July 16
Torino vs Genoa
SPAL vs Inter Milan

July 18
Verona vs Atalanta
Cagliari vs Sassuolo
Milan vs Bologna

July 19
Parma vs Sampdoria
Genoa vs Lecce
Fiorentina vs Torino
Napoli vs Udinese
Brescia vs SPAL
Roma vs Inter Milan

July 20
Juventus vs Lazio

How to watch Serie A Live Streaming Online
Juventus vs Lazio set for July 20.

July 21
Atalanta vs Bologna
Sassuolo vs Milan

July 22
Parma vs Napoli
Torino vs Verona
SPAL vs Roma
Lecce vs Brescia
Inter Milan vs Fiorentina
Sampdoria vs Genoa

July 23
Udinese vs Juventus
Lazio vs Cagliari

July 26
Milan vs Atalanta
Roma vs Fiorentina
Juventus vs Sampdoria
Cagliari vs Udinese
Verona vs Lazio
Brescia vs Parma
SPAL vs Torino
Napoli vs Sassuolo
Bologna vs Lecce
Genoa vs Inter Milan

July 29
Fiorentina vs Bologna
Verona vs SPAL
Udinese vs Lecce
Parma vs Atalanta
Lazio vs Brescia
Inter Milan vs Napoli
Cagliari vs Juventus
Torino vs Roma
Sampdora vs Milan
Sassuolo vs Genoa

Aug. 2
Genoa vs Verona
Juventus vs Roma
Atalanta vs Inter Milan
SPAL vs Fiorentina
Bologna vs Torino
Napoli vs Lazio
Lecce vs Parma
Milan vs Cagliari
Brescia vs Sampdoria
Sassuolo vs Udinese

(Fixtures by: NBC Sports)


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