Nepal vs India Head-to-Head Record

Nepal and India are familiar opponents facing each other quite often. However, India are way ahead in terms of head to head against Nepal. Nepal has defeated India just once inside the 90 minutes and has defeated on penalties in other occasions.

Nepal and India has played each other 21 times and Nepal was defeated in 14 occasions. Similarly, 5 matches ended in draw and Nepal won just two of them. The latest win came in SAFF Championship 2013 in Kathmandu where Anil Gurung and Jumanu Rai scored apiece for Nepal.

Nepal vs India Head-to-Head Record (as of September, 2021)

EventsNepal India
Matches Played2121
Goal Scored1136
Goal Conceded3611

Past Results

20/12/1985India 0-0 NepalSAFF Games
21/12/1985India 2-0 NepalSAFF Games
30/11/1987India 1-0 NepalSAFF Games
26/10/1989India 2-1 NepalSAFF Games
21/7/1993India 1-0 NepalSAFF Championship
18/12/1993India 2-2 NepalSAFF Games
22/12/1993Nepal 2-2 (4-3) IndiaSAFF Games
5/12/1998Nepal 0-1 IndiaAsian Games
30/9/1999Nepal 0-4 IndiaSAFF Games
8/12/2005India 2-1 NepalSAFF Championship
3/6/2008India 4-0 NepalSAFF Championship
7/12/2009India 1-0 NepalSAFF Championship
28/8/2012India 0-0 NepalInternational friendly
5/9/2013Nepal 2-1 IndiaSAFF Championship
19/11/2013India 2-0 NepalInternational friendly
12/3/2015India 2-0 NepalWorld Cup qualifiers
17/3/2015Nepal 0-0 IndiaWorld Cup qualifiers
27/12/2015India 4-1 NepalSAFF Championship
6/6/2017India 2-0 NepalInternational friendly
2/9/2021Nepal 1-1 IndiaInternational friendly

You can watch Nepal vs India: SAFF Championship 2021 Live from the link below:

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