Nepali team reaches the ground, weather looks clear

Nepal is playing the last match of the ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers against the host team Singapore which can be termed as the final match. Final match in a sense that the winner of this match will advance to the Global Qualifiers.

One match of the tournament was washed out by the rain and there was a possibility of rain today as well. However, till now the weather looks fine and no any dark clouds are spotted here at Indian Association Ground.


The surprising lost to Qatar had made Nepal very much worried. If today’s match is washed out, Singapore will go to the next round. The only option left with Nepal is defeat Singapore in today’s match. However, after losing the first match Nepal made a great comeback and collect back to back 2-2 points to stay alive in the tournament.

Nepal’s second match was also affected by the rain. However, the match was possible with reduced overs of 9-9 overs per side.


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