Paras Khadka Elected as Secretary of Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN)

In the recent central elections of theCricket Association of Nepal (CAN), former captain of the Nepali cricket team, Paras Khadka, secured the position of secretary. Out of the 85 votes cast, Khadka clinched a tight win with 43 votes, meeting the exact threshold needed for victory. His opponent, Prashant Vikram Malla, trailed with 32 votes.

Khadka, representing the Kathmandu province and chairman of Bagmati province, faced this election as the only contested role within CAN’s central leadership.

While most key positions, including Chatur Bahadur Chand as President, Roshan Singh as Vice President, and Padam Khadka as Treasurer, were unanimously decided, the post of secretary demanded an election due to the absence of a mutual consensus.

Notably, Khadka had made an unexpected retirement from the Nepali cricket team two years prior, even as he showcased remarkable performance. This new role marks his return to the spotlight in Nepali cricket, albeit in a different capacity.

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