Work to Resume Shortly on Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium

The halted construction of the Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium is set to recommence shortly. This pause was a result of the Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation backing out, primarily due to budget constraints.

Bharatpur Metropolitan City’s Mayor, Renu Dahal, has announced that the city will oversee the remaining aspects of the project. During a recent event focused on the cleanup and tree plantation along the Narayani riverbank, Mayor Dahal voiced her commitment to the stadium’s completion. Her determination comes amid growing public concern about the project’s future.

“People have expressed their anxieties and apprehensions to us numerous times regarding the project,” Mayor Dahal remarked. Social media has also been a platform where locals have voiced their questions. In response, she assured, “The Gautam Buddha International Stadium will be a reality during our tenure.”

One of the challenges in moving forward has been the substantial loan needed to complete the stadium. Mayor Dahal highlighted that there was no pre-existing arrangement for the government to shoulder this debt, making the continuation of construction tricky.

Work to Resume Shortly on Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium
DPR of the Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium

However, there’s hope in the horizon. The government had previously allocated Rs 120 million for the project in the fiscal year 2022/23. Despite its short-lived availability – it was returned within a week – the Mayor reassured that these funds would be reinstated shortly.

Addressing the monetary demands of the project, she stated that construction would be carried out in stages due to the substantial cost. The full budget isn’t immediately accessible to the metropolis. Mayor Dahal also mentioned that, following the necessary protocols, construction will soon progress in collaboration with the Bagmati province government.

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